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  • Ice Delivery with a Smile
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It’s not nice to run out of ice! Welcome to Bill’s Ice, where we realize our products are crucial to the comfort of any party or business. We specialize in delivering ice to restaurants, clubs, hotels, institutions, and construction sites for all of your specific necessities.
How many times has this happened to you? You’re running a successful business, but suddenly find yourself out of ice to fill your customers’ drinks. Going out to get more means leaving your home or establishment unsupervised, but you can’t exactly ask your patrons to run your errands. Or perhaps you’re throwing a party and find that you’ve run out of ice, but realize that you’re in no condition to drive to the store? You want to present a good impression as the host, so it would be rude to ask your friends’ designated drivers to go out for you, especially while they’re having so much fun. Well don’t worry, because we’ll provide all of the solutions to your problems, and at affordable rates.
Here at Bill’s Ice, we’ll cater to all of your ice emergencies with fast, reliable service. We’re open 7 days a week, so be sure to call and ask us about our free deliveries. We look forward to hearing from you!